Free iTunes Codes

Free iTunes Codes, are simply amazing. With one pair of Free iTunes Codes you could download anything from music, music videos, movies and apps. The possibilites are absoluetely endless! With enough research online, anyone can learn how to make their own valid Free iTunes Codes. I studied and mastered the art but it took me quite a few months to finally make my first working Free iTunes Card Codes.

I know the trouble it is to go through to be able to find some valid Free iTunes Codes so I have taken the liberty of uploading some for everyone to use. That's right I have uploaded Free iTunes Card Codes for anyone to use at their leisure but you need to be quick because I'm sure these codes will be used in a matter of minutes.

Get Free iTunes Codes

To get your free pair of iTunes Codes all you need to do is click on the following button below. It will take you to a page full of Free iTunes Codes, I will be updating these codes on a daily basis so if you don't manage to get a working one then come back tomorrow.

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Free iTunes Codes

How I found out how to make Free iTunes Codes

After so many hours of googling how to make free itunes codes, I found a few websites and this is what I learned. The first letters/numbers an itunes code begins with decides how much it is going to be worth. For example:

A code that begins with "PBH" is going to end up being worth $15.

A code that starts off with the letters "CGA" is going to be worth a nice $25.

A codes that starts off with the number "60" will hold the value of an amazing $50.

Lastly if a code starts with the letters "EPY" then it will be worth an extroadinary amount of $100!!

Of course there are going to be many variations with other prices but any code that doesn't begin with any of the preceeding numbers/letters then the odds are they are fake and aren't even worth the time to try them out.

How the remaining letters and numbers are figured out is a long and very complicated process. Too long that most people will give up so I'm going to save everyone the trouble of trying, either way there are codes to download in the middle of the page.